Welcome to Wonderful Copenhagen, the vibrant and diverse capital city of Denmark. With a population of over 4 million in the Øresund region, Copenhagen is a bustling metropolis that is home to a diverse range of cultures and lifestyles. One of the most exciting things about Copenhagen is its growing cannabis industry. Every year, the city plays host to Copenhagen Cannabis Expo, an event that brings together the world's leading brands and experts in the field of cannabis. This expo is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs and visitors to learn more about the latest trends and developments in the cannabis industry. Cannabis use is also becoming increasingly popular in Copenhagen, with many locals and tourists alike enjoying the benefits of this versatile plant. Whether you're looking for recreational or medicinal use, you'll find plenty of options available in the city.

When it comes to accommodation, Copenhagen is home to a wide range of hotels and restaurants that cater to all budgets and tastes. From luxurious five-star hotels to budget-friendly hostels, there's something for everyone. And when it comes to dining, the city is home to a number of Michelin-starred restaurants that offer some of the finest cuisine in the world.

One of the most unique and iconic features of Copenhagen is the Freetown Christiania, a self-proclaimed autonomous neighborhood that is home to a bohemian community of artists and activists. Visitors can wander through the colorful streets and explore the many shops, cafes, and galleries that make up this vibrant community. Christiania is also home of the famous Pusher Street where visitors, of the popular 52 year old strip, can find a wide range of cannabis products and accessories. 

Denmark has one of the strongest economies in Europe. This makes it an attractive destination for businesses and investors looking to tap into the countries growing consumer market. Online shopping trends are also on the rise in Scandinavia, with many locals turning to online retailers for everything from fashion to electronics and cannabis related products. This presents a great opportunity for businesses looking to expand their online presence and reach a wider customer base.

Copenhagen is a city that offers something for everyone. With its vibrant and historic cannabis industry, diverse range of accommodation and dining options, and iconic cultural landmarks, it's a destination that should not be missed. Whether you're looking for business opportunities, recreational activities, or simply a place to relax and explore all things cannabis, Copenhagen has it all.

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The cup will take place 21-23 September , winners will be announced at the official expo after party.