Are you looking for a unique opportunity to connect with an engaged and passionate audience? Look no further than the Copenhagen Cannabis Expo! As a sponsor of the expo, your brand will gain exposure to a diverse group of attendees, including cannabis enthusiasts, industry professionals, and individuals interested in learning more about the benefits of cannabis. With an average Danish income of over $70,000, our attendees are financially stable and able to make informed purchasing decisions. In addition to exposure, your sponsorship will also provide a platform for you to build goodwill and support within the community. By joining us in our mission to educate and advocate for cannabis activism, you are showing your commitment to promoting positive change. By partnering with the Copenhagen Cannabis Expo, you will be supporting a cause that is important to so many people. With your sponsorship, we can continue to work towards a more inclusive and equitable society where cannabis is accessible and accepted for all. So don’t hesitate, join us today and make a lasting impact! All sponsors will receive a free outdoor space of up to 4 x 4m in the garden, that can be used to create your own branded garden area. Contact us for information regarding sponsorship opportunities. We can also discuss an individual solution for your brand.