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Denmark is the capital of medical cannabis production in Europe since its legalization of medical use in 2018. With an expected 10.000 visitors NG2020 will be the biggest and greatest cannabis event ever hosted in Scandinavia. Offering internationally acknowledged speakers and exhibitors from all parts of the world. We hope to see you here in Copenhagen and look forward to hosting you.

North Grow is a community builder and the only cannabis related event in Scandinavia. We are about the community and normalization of cannabis. Our goal is to empower, not only the local business, but also the users of cannabis through information and sharing of knowledge. We hope to abolish the taboo and to bring cannabis into the mainstream of Scandinavian society and ultimately bring an end to prohibition in Denmark. We try to accomplish this goal by bringing together the public and the industry for 3 days extravagance in Copenhagen, but also by sharing knowledge with our publication North Grow Magazine.

North Grow Magazine is a free quarterly publication.10.000 copies are printed in Danish and distributed from medical clinics, libraries, cafes and stores across Scandinavia. With the magazine we are informing the public, authorities and healthcare professionals of the progress within the industry. Exhibitors of North Grow will all receive free ad-space in our magazines. 

North Grow 2020 will be promoted all over Scandinavia, both online and offline. In the past years we have used public busses, newspapers, television, radio and industry related stores to advertise our event. For 2020 we are planning even bigger measures such as flying airplanes with banners over large music festivals and sports event during the summer. 

We are currently booking speakers and musicians for the 3 days conference, our target speakers and entertainment are Danish household names and known experts from the industry. Hopefully we can start advertising a preliminary roster in January and launch ticket sales early. 

The 2020 show will offer 2 ticket types;

Expo Pass valid for 3 days 15€
Conference/Expo pass valid for 3 days 40€


Book your booth before Jan. 1st. 2020 to receive a 10% early bird discount.


Bella Center 
Center Boulevard 5
2300 Copenhagen


September 4. – 6. 2020 

Friday 12.00 – 20.00
Saturday 10.00 – 20.00
Sunday 10.00 – 18.00